David Csogor

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Hey, I'm a Technical Theatre Student Specialising in Lighting. 

I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of shows including Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting, Live Gigs and corporate events. I have had experience in all areas of theatre allowing me to work closely with other departments as well as my own and help where necessary. I have worked on upwards of 100 different shows having acted as a Carpenter, Sound technician, Lighting tech, AV tech, stage manager and many others. 

For me being able to walk into a venue and instantly being able to envision a scene is what I love most about production. the ability to take the characteristics of a space and embrace them in my own work is something love doing be it Dance or Acting it seems to seep into everything I do. recently I have been able to carve myself a space within the freelance industry and it has only opened more doors to explore and learn from others.

I hope you can enjoy the magic that is technical theatre with me.

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